About Me

Soon after entering college as a computer science major,
I was hired as an engraver for a local business. This endeavor
sparked a passion for me in design and eventually led me to
become a graphic designer.

My photograph, Gray Sky Morning, was showcased in ‘Looking In: Themes and Movements from the CVPA’ at UMASS Dartmouth.

A few pieces of my work (Large Decorative Inlay (Wall Hanging), Greed Poster & Take Me Away Poster) were recently on display @ Gallery X's 22nd Annual Public Hanging.

I graduated from UMASS Dartmouth with a bachelor's degree in graphic design / letterform. I continue to hone my graphic design skills and am constantly looking for new ways to innovate and develop my ideas.

I now run the engraving business that once hired me,
Classic Engraving, and have been in the engraving industry for over 15 years.


Whether it's a new logo, flyer, postcard, business card, poster or letterhead that you are looking for, I can help you with your project. Contact me for more info.


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